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Joomla : Styling search box and search button

Step : 1

Create a style

.search input.button
text-align: right;
background:url(../images/search.jpg) no-repeat;
vertical-align: bottom;

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WordPress : Highlighting author comment and reply

In WordPress 2.7 and later, you are able to Highlight author comment and reply to differentiate from others with styling.

All you need to create a class in CSS. Put this to class at the end of CSS file as it does not get override by other styling parameter.

background-color: #abcdef;
/* your additional styling */

Joomla : How to remove Phoca Gallery footer?

In Joomla, Phoca Gallery does not give the option in the administration, whether you want to keep Phoca Gallery copyright information in footer or not.
For this you have to edit the code as follows.

Open following PHP file.


Remove the last line


Very simple.. isn’t it..?